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A comprehensive Montclair City Guide available exclusively at THE GEORGE hotel. This guide, meticulously curated by Bobbi Brown, lists the best of dining, retail and nightlife activities. Designed and created by Oddo-Saidi.



1. content creation

Social media posts, carousels and videos are designed for your specific needs. Monthly packages are available for two posts per week one month in advance for your planner publisher.

2. website and seo

As a Wix Exclusive Partner all Websites are created and published on the Wix platform and designed to the specifics of your brand personality.

3. logos

Logos, brochures, business cards and other amenities are provided with the goal of brand specificity and style. Logos are created with Inkscape, an open platform vector source that allows for scaling using SVG, PNG.

Skintastic NJ, Spa

Catherine Lecleire, Artist | Professor

Tristan Saidi, Engineering Student

2.web design|seo

1. content creation

A boutique multidisciplinary art and graphic design studio to meet  your unique needs. Serving the NY metropolitan area.  


Inkscape vector artist and Wix Exclusive Partner

creating logos, brochures, websites, invitations, photography,

carousel video ads, social media content