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Philocaly - my view of the world

Updated: Oct 2, 2018

Philocaly (n) Love of beauty.

A single pink peony carnation in an antique silver vessel.

The New Year inspires wonderful new endeavors with its promise of being and remaining resolute. 2018 was a New Year that rolled in with a lustrous full moon on a navy hue background. I'm not astrolgically inclined (cue astrologer friend Heidi Macalle @ but I suspect that a full and luminous moon portends a good year - one in which things will happen. This blog is happening. Not sure what will come of it but for now I'll use it as a platform to discuss all things important. Namely the beauty of art, life, friends, family

Finding beauty in life is key. Sometimes its difficult when life gets ugly but that's precisely when its most important.

Where to find it?

In the lines of a drawing, a color, actions; It's all around.

Art-look at a favorite painting. Follow its lines carefully. Where's the focal point? Where does the painting lead your eye? How does it make you feel?

Action-there's beauty in small gestures. Call an elderly relative and let them know you're thinking of them. Send a picture of the grandchildren to your in-laws. Make a small batch of pesto and hand it out to your friends.