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Updated: Nov 19, 2020

Philocaly (n) Love of beauty.

A single pink peony carnation in an antique silver vessel.

The New Year inspires wonderful new endeavors with forced retrospection and reevaluation. 2018 rolled in with a lustrous full moon on a dark navy background and heavy, looming clouds. I'm not astrologically inclined (cue astrologer friend Heidi Macalle @ but I suspect that a full and luminous moon portends a good year - one in which things will happen. This blog is happening. Not sure what will come of it but for now I'll play with the platform. If I can wedge a minute between being a chauffeur, chef, laundry maid, house cleaner, homework head, schedule hound, task mistress, house fraü and caretaker of nonna, I will attempt to write about things near and dear to me. Namely, the search for beauty in art, life, friends and even, dark places.

Finding beauty (that elusive "silver lining) can be the key to a happy life. It might be the only thing that saves you from a lifetime of dread. If you live in a downtrodden patch of the world it is can be particularly difficult to do because what is most observable is pain, violence, drugs and oppression. The answer is to look beyond. Look for those things that are often overlooked and under appreciated. If you look hard enough what you might see is a community with its share of struggles but with an abundance of grit and endurance. Beautiful Endurance!

find beauty.....

In the lines of a drawing, a color, actions; It's all around.

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