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Updated: May 17

Philocaly (n) Love of beauty.

A single pink peony carnation in an antique silver vessel.

The New Year inspires wonderful new endeavors with forced retrospection and reevaluation. 2018 rolled in with a lustrous full moon on a navy background and heavy, looming clouds. I'm not astrolgically inclined (cue astrologer friend Heidi Macalle @ but I suspect that a full and luminous moon portends a good year - one in which things will happen. This blog is happening. Not sure what will come of it but for now I'll play with the platform. If I can wedge a minute between being a chauffeur, chef, laundry maid, house cleaner, homework head, schedule hound, task mistress, house frau and caretaker of nonna, I will attempt to write about things near and dear to me. Namely, the search for beauty- the beauty in art, life, friends and dark spaces.

Finding beauty (aka that elusive "silver lining) can be the key to a happy life. It might be the only thing that saves you from a lifetime of dread. If you live in a downtrodden patch of the world it is can be especially difficult to do because what is most observable is pain, violence, drugs and oppression. The answer is to look beyond - look for those things that are often overlooked and underappreciated. If you look hard enough what you'll see instead is a community of endurance. Beautiful Endurance!

find beauty.....

In the lines of a drawing, a color, actions; It's all around.


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