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Maria Saidi was born and raised in Washington Heights, New York City. She attended an all-girls Catholic School walking distance from the Cloisters Museum. The distraction and chaos of the neighborhood and her home led to a ritual of using the Cuxa Cloister as her place of study after school. She was deeply moved by the art she saw and because of the Campin Tryptich she became particularly fond of painting. 

Maria began her art studies as a teenager at the Art Students League and later attended Parsons School of Design. Her work, inspired by personal narratives, centers on the search for beauty. It embodies a passion for artistic decoration and aims to evoke an atmosphere of religiosity. By combining graphic design and painting, she continually pushes the limits of her creativity.

She is the founder of Oddo-Saidi, a boutique graphic design studio located in Montclair, New Jersey. 

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