Logos are custom designed and uniquely tailored to enhance your identity. Principles of composition, proportion, design hierarchy and color theory are applied in the design process. The result is a recognizable and artistic brand identifier.  


Vector graphics are computer graphics that are designed in points on a plane without the use of pixels. That means that they are scalable with no loss of resolution. I create customized vector graphics in INKSCAPE and can provide you with an SVG or PNG. 


You will have access to transparent video, business videos and animation videos. 


Bounce Montclair

A project of Co-Founders, Elly Meeks and Anne Mernin that hosts an annual town-wide exploration of ways to brighten days and strengthen spirits through creative events and learning experiences. MB's mission is to help neighbors easily explore how creative, physical, spiritual, and social experiences can foster their individual and community resilience.


  • Logo creation 

  • Social media and informational advertising

  • Social media engagement - tripled number of interactions

  • Interactive and responsive website www.montclairbounce.org

​Toni's Kitchen​


Toni's Kitchen is a food ministry of St. Luke's Episcopal Church that has extended its mission to Toni's Closet, Neighbors Feeding Neighbors, and Montclair Bounce. Toni's Kitchen provides food to neighbors in need in ways that respect their dignity, improve health, and foster independence.   Toni's Kitchen creates programs and resources that encourage healthy, independent lives.


  • Upgrade of  Toni's Kitchen logo. Creation of branch logos: 

  • Invitation and banner design Annual Gala


Oddo-Saidi Fine Art + Graphics is a studio offering thoughtful and artistic graphics that are designed to enhance your brand. I work with various industries and offer a variety of services to meet your needs including website development on Wix and vector development on Inkscape. Everything is custom-created with an eye towards an artistic and visually appealing product. 

The George is a bougie boutique hotel located in Montclair, New Jersey. The brainchild of its Creative Director, Bobbi Brown it features many of her custom-curated amenities and even has a candy closet.  The guest list: everyone from Steven Speilberg to the mom that needs downtime.


The George Hotel


  • Design of the in-house, online city guide curated by Bobbi Brown and Steven Plofker

  • Instagram Ads

  • George  Washington Painting

  • Business card design

Project Samples