The figure is a portrait of Isabella Claudia Eugenia, daughter of King Phillip II of Spain. She wears a crown of Roses to honor the  Patron Saint of Sicily, Santa Rosalia  who is called upon to intercede during times of plague.  Click on the trinacria below to learn more.



An homage

This is the  first of two digital collage collections. The collections are a memorial to my mother who passed away last year at the onset of the pandemic and who, like many, could not be honored as she should have. Both collections explore religious themes, youth, beauty, and the passage of time. They also heavily reference Sicily as a tribute to the land that she loved. The second series, to be published in April, is a visual narrative of her early life.  



This collection is a virtual planting of flowers around a grave.

The figure is a Bouguereau study, Ètude Tete de Jeune Fille, 1898 set against an ancient Asian fresco. The flowers which are plentiful throughout this collection are an offering to  my mother who, having grown up in a rural mountain town, retained her love of flowers, birds, and nature.  The flowers also represent the tending of a garden in the way that a mother tends to her children.  The crown of finches evokes the image of Jesus' crown of thorns and represents relief from the physical and earthly. 

The figure is Bouguereau's painting, La Vague (The Wave) 1896, set against an ancient Asian fresco scene which likely represents the life of Buddha. She too, wears a crown of roses to honor Santa Rosalia, the patron Saint of Palermo. The lemon in Sicily is cultivated in volcanic soil and has a unique flavor.  It is  a staple of Sicilian food and culture.  

"When you wake in the morning's hush

I am the swift uplifting hush

of quiet birds' encircling flight

I am the soft star that shines at night."

e.e. cummings